Things to follow while installing Polycarbonate Sheets:

Published: 23rd February 2011
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The protective film around the sheet indicating which part should be placed outside. To make sure that the Ultra-violet protection layer co-extrusion is facing in the right direction, just withdraw before installation. Start with the walls. Cut components before installing the blade. Cut the sheet after the fan is already in place. ) Leave the actual plastic film. Cut a sheet of length and width needed. Clean the route of it.

Leaf position on the impression side so external assistance of at least Half "of the frame.

Set Sail for the narrow profile [url=]polycarbonate sheets[/url] linking the points . Drill 3 / 16 "holes in Cape Town, 1" from each end and every 10 "- 12" center to center. Cape overlapping U-profile wall base , and the lower edges of the roof, .
Leave the actual plastic film. Slice a sheet of length and width needed. Clean route.

Channel coverage at the higher edge of gable end wall of [url=]polycarbonate sheets[/url] with duct tape.
The upper edge of the roof usually closed with duct tape, which is based on blocking, , however can be closed with aluminum U-profile, if not blocking and rafters to 24 - 1 / 8 "center to center. The top of the gable plates coated with Corner Trim, .

Mount the U as necessary. Drill 1 / 16 "drain slots, each 12" U-shape is placed on the lower edge of the leaves. Half U-profile of the lower edge of the roofing with long legs of the U-profile upward . U-profile on the edge of the roof is placed in place with 3 / 8 self-drilling screws. "Leaves sidewall greenhouse autonomous (anterior wall of the enclosure) has the profile of D on the top and base edges of the leaves , sprocket on the base only, the bands and Corner at the top. The pressure plate against the frame with the U-profile in place.

Exercise 1 / 4 "hole / s in the attachment factors in the middle of leaves and link to the framework with screws 3 / 4" washers. After you are unsure of the correct blade alignment, making screws tight, but not too tight. Install the leftover screws require capital and lows in the middle of the blade, the connection of the blade in the chassis. Install the adjacent sheet in the same way.

Place the gasket is required to cut the joints.Install the corner-cutting, drill 3 / 16 "screw hole 1" from each end and each and every "12. Esquinas overlapping U-profile.

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